Wednesday, February 01, 2006

BD as it is..~

We were watching the videos from Bangladesh yesterday and I really felt BDsick (not sick OF so I thought I should write something up.
My trip to BD was absulutely unforgottable, fabulous and yes, fantasmagoric!!! My cousins were just shocking. The 4 ft talls became 6 ft, 2 ft talls became 4 ft and unborns were born. I have this really cute 3 yr old cous who just loovves the flynn's family anthem. I knew practically the whole song in my first wk 'cause he always sang it.
My half irish cousins - came from England about a week later and we had unbelievable times! All of my mum's side family met up in nanubari and headcounts got up to 56(!!). One of my irish bros showed us his lungis and tupis he got very We were all trying to teach them bangla and we kind of succeeded! Except that every single time we played kanamachi.. they would say: "kemon achi bho bho/ something something something something." Then they did a chocolate hunt for the kids and i got to help out. It was really good except that some of the kids started crying when they couldn't find the chocolates. Every night the boys and our mamas would have badminton matches and we would cheer from the sideline. Then after the matches we would all sit in the pukurghat and talk until midnight. *sigh*... good times...
And I'll not forget the impossible-made-possible ride on our way back from nanubari when FIFTEEN of us piled into a 7 seater! To make things worse, half way in the highway, I figured that I left my batteries for my mp3 player in nanubari.. life sure got stuffy at times.
But then, our cousins took us to Pizza Hut - the only halal pizza hut - which made up for it. 6 of us went - us three, those two, and another 1. Each of us ordered a made-for-two-people pizza and ate our hearts out. Then we had dessert that was just as delililicious!
I have a cousin who started hijab after we went (alhamdullillah). I hope she keeps it up.. Anyway, she was someone I said everything to, and she told me all her 'secrets' We had so much fun together.
Apart from spending time with cousins and family, most of my days were started wandering up a shopping mall with ma/apuni and ended with wandering down the shopping mall with a dozen bags in both hands and looking half dead. I got a lot of salwar kamizes, earrings and so on.. AND I got a sari that is totally pretty!!! Apuni and I also made the sale rate of BDfood and Pran achar, dalbhaja etc go high. (I think the 2 extra kilos on my body came from them.)
The two weddings I attended was just fantastic. They were mostly completely Islamic. The food were great, the people were great and the brides were great! I was stunned to see Doe in all those jewelleries and the pretty sari, sitting ever so bridishly in that chair!! But then, I was more stunned only imagining M apu and A apu like that..!
I had a proffessional facial! at a real beauty perlour! AND a proffessional haircut! I have my hair in a u-shape at the back and I have layered fringes at the front. I am totally fascinated by my hair now~! lol.
Anywayz, i'm getting told to get off now.. unless i could've gone on for ages!


  1. wow - i neva knew u had a hair cut ... when are u gonna cum around so that i can see it ... hurry up!! ..... anytime ... and i cant wait to see the videos that uncle will hopefully send us soon ...

  2. wow, u had a MADDD time in BD!!! I wanna go now! But i dont think we wud have the same experiences, we're not in dhaka most of the time. So shopping chara emniteo dhaka asha hoi na :'(

    And yes, we shud all get a chance to scrutinise ur new look :P U shud do a fashion parade type of demonstration soon so we can c ur hair ;-)


    I finished reading... finally.
    But errmmm- i forgot all the comments i was gonna make

    Except this one:
    How come I didn't see anything... How come you didn't SAY anything??!!!

    Oh man! Now I wanna see your new haircut.

    :D PS- very jealous about all the food-eating you & your sis did in BD...
    tc, Flynn.

  5. aww man!! achar. i'm like drooling rite now...sounds like u had a great time. i didnt check ur blog since u left! newayz....send pix...i wanna c how much fun u guyz had!!

  6. yup we had sooooooo much fun and im still missin it! talked 2 my couz frm bd the other day (the one who i alwayz hung out with) and i started getting MORE bdsick. oh well..*sigh*

  7. Hi. r ur Irish cousins physically half Bd-Irish or just BD, born and raised in England?

  8. they r "physically" half irish - my mami is irish.