Friday, May 30, 2008

Draft #1

My train rides are becoming increasingly amusing lately. Certain girls are trying to avoid my eyes, even though I know that they know that I know they are there. They also know, or rather, should know that I know what they are up to. I have dropped several hints here and there which would only be completely missed by either blind or incredibly stupid people. Since all of them are neither, it is naturally quite hard to be convinced that they don't know that I know. Another reason behind the fact that I also know that they know is that they added me on Facebook and I regularly talk to them about Facebook and they should know that they have put up pictures and I have eyes.

Sorry for being foggy and vague, but it goes against my standards to be otherwise.

Oh, the other other girl put me on limited profile, so I can't see her pictures any more. I would think that the girl and the other girl would be smarter, but apparently not!

Then there are the three year seven children, who are still children. No matter how many times I try to make it clear that they are being immature, without stepping out of my vagueness, they just do not get the point. They take one observation and twist it until it becomes another, then, start playing with it. Its annoying.

I saw D after a long time today. She hasn't changed at all, which is also quite annoying, because you expect everyone to change a little every day. It has been forty eight days since I last saw her, so she should have changed in forty eight ways. I understand that they can be very trivial, but if she changed at all, I would have noticed at least one out of forty eight, right?

My pen pal has not responded since... since (checking)... two days ago. Why does it feel like a whole week?

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