Monday, November 24, 2008


I’m supposed to be writing my essay for the upcoming English exam which contributes to 30% of the school mark going towards the final HSC mark. If I don’t attempt this test, my mark is capped to 85%. Considering my English skills, my mark is capped to about 60%. In plain English (note the pun! hehe), If I don’t put some effort in this essay, I’m screwed.

But the words are not flowing out of my fingers. All I see is facebook photos of year 12 formals and forwards from people I never talk to. By the way, some of the formal photos left me gaping for a while. The tall and nerdy Alex and annoying Danijela actually look like, um, ‘grow-ups’. I can imagine Alex studying literature in Sydney Uni, passionately talking about some old book he dug up two days ago; or strumming a guitar, wearing those daggy clothes that all musicians seem to wear. I can also totally imagine the skinny, annoying Danijela in a dinner table, looking like someone from TV. I can’t believe these people are only a year above me!

And I can’t believe I’d see two new countries in two weeks time!

A lot of things are happening in (or around) my life right now.

1. Our house is getting painted by the men in our family. They want to paint the bathroom the same colour as the kitchen.

2. My first exams for the final year of my schooling life start in seven days.

3. I helped a friend with a huge decision. This makes me feel like I have a say in someone’s life. It feels great. :D

4. We’re packing many suitcases for our journey to three, possibly four, countries. (The rest of the family is; I’m usually just sitting with a book in front of me. No, I don’t study 24/7. But I’m getting quite good at pretending to study 24/7!)

5. Life is wonderful when God makes you feel like you’re in control of parts of it.

This blog is so dead I don’t even know why I write here any more. I remember ‘those days’... the days when Flynn and Ashes and Daggers and Snowy and Doe and Peach and Nira (occasionally her two sisters too) were still alive. Daggers was in year 12, just like me now. Flynn, Emu and Hijabi Princess were younger. Ashes and Nira actually talked to us. We had long and reflective discussions about marriages and weddings, which none of us knew about back then, and wondered about the unknown life. Everyone was so full of dreams and hopes that nothing seemed impossible.

24.11.08 - I feel like something bad is going to happen any moment now because life is just too perfect right now. Perfection is not reality.

p.s: I'm really looking forward to 11th December 08.

p.p.s: Our bathroom isn't the same colour as the kitchen. Now its pink. Its better than olive, because that colour reminds me of olives, and then food. I'd rather not, not in the bathroom!

p.p.p.s: I've finished a third of my essay!

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