Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It has nearly been a month since the last post in which I actually bothered to use the keyboard. My prediction was right - I am feeling like there is no time to breathe! Leaving the house when the sun rises and entering after it sets was fun for the first few days, but as soon as the back pain, aching body and drowsiness hit, the 'funness' began to wane. My lab starts in about half an hour, which means that I would have to put up with expressing thoughts on a public computer, rather than getting a laptop! Oh well.

Many, many things have happened in the last few weeks. They are worth writing about in elaborate details, but for the above reasons, I shall just list them for now.

1. I saw an ultrascan being done, and listened to the heartbeat of an unborn baby!
2. An extremely cute white rabbit was found in our garden on a fine Saturday morning. It just sat there, eating grass, oblivious to its surroundings. It came back the next morning too! We took the liberty of sharing our carrots with it, but it didn't seem to like them very much. It preferred rose petals much more! I was disappointed to realise that all that knowledge from Hollywood and Disney were not very useful. Since it came to us twice in a row, I sort of assumed the role of its carer. Ma dubbed it as 'Lamun'. =]
3. The owners took Lamun back. =[
4. I should really do some biology work, since that's why I woke up at dawn to come to the library...
5. Even though I started working, I never seem to have enough money to get an emergency cup of coffee.
6. Anyway, I had a lot more say about my current thoughts, rather than updates on my very boring life, but I am truly very sleepy and tired.