Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Right now, I am sitting at the dining table, with a coffee, a song playing in the background and a smile on my face. The reason is that work was cancelled this morning. I absolutely love the kids I work with. I love how their eyes light up when they see me. Yesterday, kid #2's mum told me, "I know this isn't just work for you. I know you love him." And that filled my heart. But at the same time, its a responsibility. So, when it is cancelled, I do tend to get a little happy. :P

I was reading my old posts the other day. I realised, there are so many things I can learn from my own life. Mistakes that I have made in the past are bound to be repeated, because, God created me with certain weaknesses and certain strengths, and they will always be my weaknesses and strengths. I cannot deny I have them, nor can I be feel extra good/bad about them, because they are given by God. The correct response is to accept I have certain traits and qualities. If its a bad thing, I can be aware of it so that I can manage it. If its a good thing, I can use it to get productive outcomes for myself and for others. 

They say that you are an average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Its so important to have a mentor in your life that you spend a quite a lot of time with, in order to keep things in perspective. I made a list of mentors for myself, sometime at the beginning of this year. I went back to it a few days ago, and I realised, I have not been using them as much as I should. I guess, when there is a slight gap in communication, its hard to jump back and start the communication again. So, the easiest thing to do is keep the communication superficial, and delay it as much as possible. However, one should never let that slight gap occur with the important people in their lives. In order to do that, its important to define who these important people are. When that gap does occur, and when you realise that it has happened, make a jump backwards as soon as possible. 

At the end of the day, this life was never meant to be perfect. We are all meant to make mistakes, then fix them. And there is nothing you can do by yourself. The moment you begin to think you are enough for yourself, is the moment you start to destruct yourself. Balance is the key to survival. And dua is the key to everything - balance, survival, gratitude, problem solving, communication - everything.

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