Friday, August 15, 2014

Hi :)

I haven't written in here for so long! July 12th - that's more than a month ago. Time flew pretty quick for a while. I'm not doing much these days - no work, no uni - so time is supposed to fly slower. I am trying to get some other things done though - things I haven't had time for before and probably will not have much time for from next semester. However, I have spent my spare time watching Offspring, instead of doing those things, and eating things like cookies and 2-min noodles. Not the most productive way to spend what is possibly the free-est time of my life. Also, I have been writing a song, to which Sum said, 'it doesn't have your usual flair'. I was thinking, 'what flair?!', but I just casually typed, 'oh really?'. It makes me happy to think that Sum thinks I usually have a 'flair' in writing.

I like spending time at my parents' now. I think I appreciate them more now that I don't live with them, but that's what everyone else said would happen, right? Except, you just don't realise it actually happens until you go through it yourself. You don't realise what a lot of things are actually like, unless you experience it yourself. One thing that is terribly annoying is the way grown men and women yield to social pressure. I kind of give excuses for myself, saying, I am only twenty-three, I am only recently married, I am only new etcetra. But I am not sure whether they started off by giving the exact same excuses and just never stopped.

I sometimes feel like I cannot remember what I used to think and feel four months ago. The whole point of writing is that I can come back later and read them and re-feel and re-think those feelings and thoughts. I really need to sit down and do that someday soon.

Mr H got me a new phone for Eid, but I haven't started using it yet due to a huge funny mess surrounding it. The mess is being sorted now, I think. I need to start using it soon. Mr H's birthday is coming up. I am writing him a song and giving him a box full of gifts inshaallah. I got a card for him that says 'You are my cup of tea'. I hope he likes it.

I don't particularly like gold jewellery. Maybe I should try wearing some of my old stuff every now and then. EF was so proud that I am becoming feminine now! :P

I think Ma just came home from work.

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