Monday, September 29, 2014

Another friend of Mr H got married yesterday. Saw lots of old friends at that wedding and met a few new people too. Mr H and my crowd had always been different, hence I was met with a lot of new culture since I got married. This friend comes from a crowd that's a little different to both of ours, hence, we were both met with a new wave of cultural differences. Interestingly, all of us are of Muslims with Bengali-Australian background. Differences automatically leads to forming (mostly negative?) judgement, which is terrible. There should be one measuring stick, right and wrong by God's definition. If something is wrong according to it, we should stay away from it in any form possible, and if it is right, we should accept it, even if it doesn't seem familiar to us.

I found this amazing acapella artist - she has the most beautiful voice, and does the backing track so simply but beautifully! I think I will listen to her for the next few days at least. My room had been terribly messy for the last few days, it is a little cleaner now, but the floor needs to be vaccumed. I have a to-do list that consists of about 6-7 things that seem annoying at the moment, but I am sure I would feel excellent after I do them. Writing here wasn't a part of it. -.-

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