Monday, November 17, 2014

Every turn a surprise

I used to be a person with a huge personal space. I was a bit of a keyboard warrior, a bit of a keyboard counsellor and a bit a of an escapist (I still am a bit of an escapist I think :/...). But sharing a space with another person, almost constantly, almost everyday reduces that need for such a big personal space. I still like having a coffee by myself every now and then, but I don't feel as much of a need for it as I did before. I don't write as much, instead, we talk. We have a shared to-do list on a whiteboard at the back of our door. I tell him about my ridiculous nightmares and he listens. He tells me about his work and I get excited for him (even though he says its boring, but I can see he loves it). We daydream together. He accidentally says terribly romantic things, like, 'You have beautiful eyes', or, 'I am lucky to have you as my wife'. I accidentally used his toothbrush a few times, and didn't feel grossed out. His favourite song is 'a whole new world' from Aladdin. He sings it for me sometimes, and I feel like he is right. He is showing me the world. I don't think I completely understand him yet and I don't think he completely understands me yet but that's the fun part of planning to be together for the rest of your lives - you understand each other a little more everyday.

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  1. Came to read your blog after a long time. Wishing good luck for you two. You (still :D ) write good. :) (y)