Saturday, September 24, 2016

Weight and all

Ever since I hit puberty, I have been a little to the overweight side. My BMI was near the end of the 'healthy' range and there were fat in places that I hated them to be in. I was the heaviest out of my siblings despite being the youngest. My mum had always been conscious of her health. She made sure that she ate the right foods and had a routine to her life. Since I was the opposite, I always got told off for my habits. Gaining twenty kilos in one year, the year that I reached puberty, did not help either. Instead of helping myself in doing something about it, I continued to gain weight all throughout my high school years until I gained ten more kilos by the end of HSC. I took comfort in eating. I took further comfort in eating by myself, watching or reading something - which led to many hours of mindless eating throughout those years. 

When I started university, one of my common conversations with some of my friends was our need of losing weight, eating less and exercising. It never happened. Until one of my friends did join a gym about four and a half years ago. It was a women-only gym, which interested me. I ended up joining about half a year later, with the thought of now-or-never. I was tutoring or ABA therapying (can't remember), so I was earning very little. But whatever money I was earning went in gymming, phone payment and other commitments. I started to gym regularly a few months after I joined. I went about 2-3 times a week and stayed for maximum one hour. I still ate bad food though, which made me feel very guilty afterwards. Slowly, I started to reduce the bad food that I was eating - less oil, less rice for dinner and no snacks before bed. I started to drink a lot more water. The only bad thing that I had was chocolate - but I really couldn't get rid of that. I did lessen my intake quantity and frequency though.

Out of the ten kilos that I gained in high school, five was gained during HSC. Four of that was easily lost in the first year of university, because my university required a lot of walking to go from one side to another (twenty mins of walking to be exact!). I still had the other six on and I felt terrible about it. When I started to gym, within about a year and a bit, I lost the other six, and two more. I stopped gymming after I got married due to distance to the gym that I used to go to. Alhamdulillah, the habits that were developed during that year and a half stayed with me more or less and I didn't end up gaining any weight in the last two and a half years. 

Until now. I gained two kilos. I have a little lime inside me now. 

I hope my lime grows up with good habits, learns from mistakes and forgives others.  

PS: I went to Fernwood. I would gladly recommend that gym to anyone I know. They have excellent staff, resources, child care facilities, a very nice change room/shower facilities and they respected privacy more than any others I know. 

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