Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pustok Path Shesh!!

I finally finished the 6th book!! its pretty good.. better than all the other HP books i think. But i think the end was kinda dramatic, when they all start crying and everything. Otherwise, its really good. I wonder how the 7th book's going to be.. now that harry decided not to come back...


  1. Congrats on finishing it! Clap Clap Clap! haha =P Well, u no wat i think? I think Haryy will go bak anyway. The book just said that he doesnt want to go bak. And Harry is one emotional kid (which is kinda annoying sometimes - esp in book 5) so u never know when he'll change his mind. I think in last book both Harry and Voldemort die. A very melodramatic ending i know, but who knows. I for one an eagerly awaiting book 7!

    I've heard some absurd theories from people, like:
    * Harry is a horcrux? (Whatever! Why wud voldemort be trying to kill his own horcrux in books 1,2,3,4 and 5).
    * Snape was in love with Harry's mum? (haha, thats funny).

    By the way, do u think snape is good or bad?

  2. u surely dont think snape is good i hope. HE IS THE BADDIE;S FRIEND!!! anyway.. if harry goes bak, the book would be funner i think.

  3. Snape might be good. Personally i think he is bad but u have to admiy in HP everything turns out to be unexpected. May be the unbreakable vow made him kill dumbledore (who knew he was going to die anyway) because malfoy was obviously too chicken to harm dumbledore. There has to be a reason why dumbledore trusted him so much. I wonder if we'll find out in book 7, hmmm.....

  4. hahaha! thats funny! snape in love with lily? that would be awkward! but its possible! but maybe snape is mean to harry just because he used to b a death eater. man! i havent read the 6th one yet!

  5. U shud read it soon maliha! Its a pretty good book and sadly for us, it is obvious that the series will end soon. I think if snape did like lily then he hates harry coz he looks exactly like his dad, remember? In that case snape wud be reminded of lily's husband everytime he sees harry.....