Sunday, August 14, 2005


Marriage seems to be the hot topic around people now a days. M Apu's marriage blog exceeds 54 comments now! Out of all these debates and fantasies, someone even managed to get married themselves. Congrats to the bride. But young minds like me wants to see more things happening around the world aka more marriages. So i ask u (all the eligible people) why dont you get a move on too and satisfy us?


  1. Rumanar gaye holud dekhe biyer chinta rethink korte hocche...amar biyar jonno udgrib hoyo. Samia apu-k giye dhoro na keno? Oto aro elligible!

    Warning! oto beshi interest dekhiyo na nile tomake dhore biye diye dite pari!

  2. seriously.. i need some people to see getting married. i mean marrying is no fun.. even i kno that. but the audience/outsiders/whatever are bound to have fun.

  3. Hi. lol i wanna read M apu's blog. and is the "eligible" Samia apu she's talkin about the one in Minto?