Tuesday, September 06, 2005

jibon in general

ahh.. life. What can I say? so much is going on yet so little to say. A lot of things happened since the last time i wrote. whew... lets just try n take it in ... slowly....

I cut my hair (myself!!) about 20 cm. Mamoni and apuni went crazy over it. Apperently i wrecked it. I asked my dear bro if i just caused a disaster or not and he looked at me for a few secs and went "koi aki to lage"...:S. I wanted to cut it shorter but gave that a second thought and decided better of it as i really dont want mamoni and apuni to burn our house down. Snowman is about to get a better transformation i believe...

We went to Malabar Beach about 2 weeks ago (or was it 3!??) and HELL! it was beautiful!! The last time I went to a beach was 9 years ago - when we went to Cox's Bazaar in BD. Now thats a long time to me.. so I obviously felt like I missed the sea for a while. The cool blue water.. soft gold sand.. beautiful rocks and shell.. its really hard not to get poetic once you've been there. At first we went over to the rocks and had an early lunch. Lunch that we picked up from "Taste of Thai" - even THAT is poetic. Anywayz, after we ate, mamoni decided that we should literally feel the ocean at our feet.. so there we went standing in the wet rocks waiting for a wave to take us away..lol. At last.. the awaited moment came and half of my skirt got fully wet from it. After a lot of waves and my dear bro's photography session, we felt that that we had enough for the time being. So we sprawled (as in sitting not lying) on the deserted rocks and dried our clothes in the beautiful warm sun... *sigh*.. *great times*... Then Baba discovered an amazing 'secret passageway' to the other side. He thought it was too small to fit my fat self through. AND I PROVED HIM WRONG!! i actually went all the way. Then only after I was on the other side that I realised that I am about to be face a ferocious dog. As I was inching away I heard the owner say "dont worry he wont hurt you" and I nearly died of embarrasment. After the dog and its 'thoughtful' owner passed past me i carefully made my way through the 'secret passageway' again.
After we got a bit bored of seeing rocks, we made our journey back to the sandy part of Malabar. As we went there.. we had to pass the transition point.. which was the MSS, in details - Malabar SEWERAGE System. It was a long tube... and.. lets not get too much explanatory.
So we took off our sandles and sank in the sand.. ahh.. did it feel good. Luckily there werent much people there.. In fact... its a wonder why there werent practically ANYONE swimming/sun bathing cuz it was a really nice day! Anyway, after we got all sandy we went and washed up, did wudu, and prayed. O did I mention that there was a sign there next to the MSS saying that anyone who took shells will be fined up to $500? Apperently my subconcious mind felt more caring than them and decided that I should leave my ring and my bracelet on the sink. I remembered that I was wearing them way later.. when we were nearly home.
Anyway.. after we prayed.. we drived a little bit more and went a bit higher. There were more rockes there.. but also some really nice hilly grassy areas that looked over onto the ocean. By that time I was fully literally exhausted! So we had a Snicker (I am soo glad they're back!) each and some chips too. Then we did some more sea-seeing. We found another really nice rocky area that was kind of closed off from the rest of the beach. We spent some time there and prayed Asar. I found a good hiding place there too.
THEN we climed back up and down and down and up and finally reached our car. We slumped in. I took my Angels and Demons, my dear bro and apuni slept on either side of me. Mamoni was going on with her usual car activity - keeping a cautious look on the road while Baba drived.
Half way through our journey I decided not to spend the rest of my time wasting this way and invented a game that all of us played for the rest of the journey. The game is like this: All of us had to speak in Bangla, every freaken word in Bangla - even words like chair, table, packet and the norms! We started at 10 points and if anybody said one word in English they would have 1 point taken off. We had the most unexpected result - Baba and Mamoni tied on 5, my dear bro on 7, Apuni on 9 AND ME ON 10!!!! And guess what I got as a prize? a rotten orange fresh from the 'packet' (mamoni lost 1 point here), officially announced by Mamoni.... *sigh* why did I ever take the time to think out this game??

Man I can write a lot!! lol. this is prolly a record!!


  1. Awww... how cute. You lot and yer family outings... true memories, those are.

  2. *sigh* no one blogs.. ok i can take that in.. THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE!!

  3. I'm so glad that snicker are back too! My all time favourite choclates!

    Mad outing u guys had, wish we went places more often. And just by ourselves. Abbu ammu shob shomoi onek family der shathe outing e jay. Sometimes when u visit a nice place, u really need alone time. Lika u sed, kobi kobi bhab chole ashe. So whenever i go to beach, i just wanna spend some time alone and same with anika. We want to abandon each other, haha, but we cant, coz we gotta stick to the group.

    Congrats on winning the game. I always make my sisters friends play games like that. And i think thei bangla is improving, (insha Allah, fingers crossed).

    Nije nije chul katso?!?!?!?!?! shahosh to kom na. My goodness! This is something i HAVE 2 c - send me pix. i shall be waiting...

  4. I know.. we have the best outings :P .. im pretty glad too cuz it kind of eases our relationships.
    yup i'll send some pics when i take them.. but an even better idea: drop off at our house!

  5. haha, miss anon, ami koto gesi apnader bashai. U have NEVER been 2 mine. So its ur turn.

  6. the trip sounds great...wish i could just spend a carefree like that...don't have time though!
    but even if i did want a day off- i wouldn't want it anywhere near a beach- no matter how poetic it sounds...we went to soooo many beaches in NZ that those memories will last me a lifetime and more! me wanna go to another country, :(!

  7. wats wrong with pplless beaches?

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  10. That was a nice outing, really! Wish I had ever been to a beach, really... But I'm stuck in Rajshahi, BD...