Monday, December 11, 2006

Update: LamZity

Its been too long to stay away from the blogging world, so I'm back again! Ramadan was really good for me this year, I enjoyed it. Everything was going smooothly and I was feeling almost completely serene. This feeling, however, went away as soon as the month hit its end :(. So now I am back to myself... messy... disorganised... sad-lifed girl.

One good news though: I was selected to be a peer support leader for next year. That means I'll get to boss the year 7s around as much as I We are getting our badges soon inshaallah. But it sort of is a lot of hassle, coming to school early... lunchtimes booked up.. leaving late. But I think it will push me to be a bit more organised.

All three of the Amin sisters are now wedded!! Hopefully we will have their wedding parties here again **hint** **hint**. This year has been filled with weddings! I didn't mind it though. Enjoying while I can. I have a feeling this season will take a break now. No weddings for a long time again :(.

Everyone's stopping blogging now. 'Tis so boring here nowadays. Hope to have you all back. DAGGERS: no excuses for you now!!

Holidays are coming up. Pray for me. I need a complete revolution in my organisational skills and time management skills :((!

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