Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Revived... and Returned

It has been an awfully long time since I last posted, but I am back again and do intend to stay for a while. This is one of the pathetic ways I am planning to spend my much awaited holiday in order to not be bored out of my brains, even though I don't think I will get a reader any time soon. As far as I know, all of you girls fled this land long time ago. Oh what the heck... this is a free country and I refuse to be pressured into leaving for good!

(Oh my God... oh my Merciful Great Lord! I just checked the date in my last entry.. and... man what a coincidence! The last time I wrote in here was exactly a year ago - December 11th! I swear I did not do this on purpose.)

So many things happened in the past year - it would not be fair to sum it all up in one tiny post. I have had people entering and leaving my life and bonds strengthened and broken. Well, I guess all of them contributed their part in building me up. By the way, apparently, I have become a bit more organised this year, but not enough to last me through the rest of high school. Will make an effort to be better.

So, currently, I have three blogs and one facebook to maintain. Will it work? Or will I ditch this one again? Find out... after the break.


  1. wow. i was looked at when u last posted and wondered "did she plan?... or may be changed the date?" what a conincidence.

    so, welcome back. i hadn't completely abandoned my blog since everyone went into hibernation. i posted up recipes and vids to keep it barely breathing. now that u'r back too i'll try to update more frequently. so u better not abandon ur blog anymore missy!

    an early Eid Mubarak to you guys.

  2. ps. scroll down on my blog and try out the chocolate mousse. it's to live for.