Friday, February 08, 2008

Ugh... life!

Too much work makes Lamz a dull girl. I think I'm turning into a robot. I have no entertainment besides 10 minutes of Bold and the Beautiful, half an hour of Being Ian, lame posts in Somewherein... and the rare message or email from my best friend. I am being deprived of sleep. I am walking a lot but not loosing weight because I tend to eat when I am stressed and I get stressed a lot lately. Here is a list of stressful objects that are currently hammering the inside of my head:
1. Train travel: Although the 3-hour-journey is starting to get interesting, it is still very long. In the morning, I try to read Critical Lives - Muhammad, but my eyes refuse to conform to my wishes. It is a very interesting book. I read chapters each day in the holidays, but its taking me days to finish just one.
2. Embarrassing moment with Debating teacher: needless to explain.
3. Homework: For a girl who did not bother to listen to her teachers most of the past two years, this is a big change. I am up to date with most of my work. I am proud to say that I stayed up until 11.45 one night, finishing maths. :D [Right now I am half-way through English homework and taking a (long) break.]
4. Physics: She is so annoying! She is so annoying! She is so annoying! She ruins the physicisticity of physics. She is so annoying!
5. Physics: The work takes time to get through the layers of dumbness and daydreams in my brain.
6. Why do I have to justify everything I do? Can't I just DO things?
7. I got told that I'm not getting a V Day card (by a girl, in a jocular manner). The reason is very trivial, but its getting to me.
8. I thought I got a bit organised, but I realised I did not. That was just excitement of starting a new school.

There are many more. But my brain is too jammed for it to allow me to sort it out. I hate hearing people scream, cry or pose insults. I know I am being unfair to many of my closest ones, but I just can't help it right now. 'Irresponsible', 'disorganised' and 'kicchu parbana' Lamz is back.

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  1. stuff vday card. do what nahid did with us. ekgada muslimah friendsder niye "loveless years" celebrate koro. enjoy ur years of not being committed. conjugal life can have its many blessings, but single youth has its blessings too.... just so long as one doesn't try to stretch one's youth.