Monday, July 21, 2008

Shiitaking it Out

Ok. So school starts tomorrow and I just looked at my check-list again. I've only finished a couple of things I planned to do... OUT OF LIKE. FIFTY!! Its really annoying because out the things I finished, I have to fix most of them up too. I have an English extension analytical essay tomorrow and I really don't think I am in an analysing mood right now. I probably won't be tomorrow either. Gosh! Succotash the test, Mr Simon, you edible-Asian-mushroom! Shiitake!

I mean, I love the book 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' because its so full of truisms and cheesy statements in special attires. If I haven't told you the story before - here's the rundown: a nine-year-old boy, Oskar, too smart for his age, loses his father in the 9/11 incident. That makes him lose some brain cells too and he goes extremely crazy because he feels extremely lonely and guilty. He finds a clue to a puzzle that his dad told him to solve before he died and starts to work on it. In the end, he realises it wasn't even a clue. I know that doesn't sound great, but trust me, Jonathan Safran Foer can say it much better than I can!

Anyway, the point is, its such a good book that its almost too good to write an essay on. It can be analysed deeper and deeper everyday, and I really don't mind doing that, but what I am afraid of is Mr Simon. I've heard he's a great English teacher, but in the past, he rejected my ideas. I can't afford to get a low mark in this subject again. And I can't afford to drop it because I think I'll drop physics. And I can't drop both because its not possible to get a Higher School Certificate with only nine units. Unless I pick up extension 2 maths.


I used to love Oskar. How can someone be so truthful and brilliant, right? Then I realised, he doesn't really know how to love. Like his mother said, he is very definitive. He can't understand in-betweens. Even gray is either black or white to him. He can't be real. Even if he is, he doesn't suit the reality I live in. Heck! 9-year-olds can't do all that anyway! But how old do you need to be to meet the criteria? 15? 20? What if that's not enough either?

Shiitake! I don't know what I'm talking about! I think this is the side effect of stressing out about tomorrow's exam. It seriously succotash-es!


    no seriously, i kid u not. this blog entry reminded me of my hsc yr. & trust me, i'v forgotten most of it... but the stress, the confusion, the conflicting ideas/thoughts/concepts, the endless assignments & how new it all was... its very, very weird how it all suddenly flashed into my head like i was doing my hsc again...tomorrow or something. ugh!! *shudder*
    PS- i like the fotos too...
    PPS- were u the 1 who recommended twilight (the book) to me??

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  3. The book is seriously awesome.. so i took a LOT of photos. btw u should read it. btw i might've told u about twilight. i liked it when i read it.. don't think i'll like it so much now.

    so i suppose u read it.. and didnt like it? sorry!

  4. Aren't you supposed to be at school today??
    I will definitely read Oskar's book, but u shud hv warned me to stay away frm twilight! ugh!! I hate it, but i hv this really horrible obsession with needing to finish wat i start (especially with books & movies)!! so i cnt finish until the author finishes...and the fourth bk isnt even out yet. ugh!! i'm gonna be sick! i wish i'd never heard of it...
    ps- all the best with ur assignments

  5. 1. came home early that day :D

    2. glad u put oskar in ur list. HE's AWEESOOMMMEE + OPPOSITE OF SHIITAKE!!

    3. hehe. (guilty laugh). i liked twilight when i read it though...

    4. :) thnx.

  6. i have no significant memories of hsc year. seriously. all i remember is getting a very bad mark in one of my inter-semester essays.... omg. i'v wasted the last 2 yrs of high school, followed by a four yr of info management! i think i can truly say that i was born intelligent, education ruined me.

    ps. oskar goes on my list too, as soon as i finish HP.

  7. pps. i agree- that was beyond profound