Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And it goes on

I was forced to retreat to my study table on a relaxable Friday night. I was so hopeful that I would get a bit of time to unwind on the net that I got really, really disappointed when I was told not to. What could I do? I couldn't study, I couldn't have fun at home, I couldn't go out since the place I live in is not very safe on Friday nights. That's when the idea struck me. Instead of lazing around and sulking about having too many problems and no solution or direction to my life, I could just come up with solutions. LOL.

So, I ripped out an A4 piece of paper from my hated Economics workbook which I hardly use anyway, and wrote away. My goal is to reach the goals by the 7th of Dec, 08. The actual goals are not to be discussed with anyone else, so I can't really publish them on a public blog. BUT, what I can say, is that, one of the goals are to do with school work. And the steps towards that is to do four hours of school work on weeknights and 8 hours on Saturdays. (note: school work = homework + assignments + making notes + reading over notes + studying for exams + practising speeches + anything else related to school)

The day after, aka the-first-Saturday-of-my-new-directed-life, I worked for 6 hours. Sunday, 2 hours. Monday, 2 hours. TUESDAY - 4 HOURS!

Today - zilch.

I had every intention of doing things today. I wrote up a list of things to do, stuck it in front of my nose and started going through them. Somehow, I got distracted again. Here I am. Procrastinating. While sister watches House. Life seriously succotashes.

By the way, I have to write a poem about a tabooed issue in society. Any ideas? Its supposed to be due tomorrow, but its just homework and I'm pretty sure most of the class won't do it by tomorrow.

Anyway, I have to retire to bed. Toodles!


  1. idea 4 poem... euthanasia...

  2. kom igen? euthanasia? i now officially fear well as anyone who advices poets.

  3. omgg kom igen is that outlandish song. wat does it mean??

  4. e, euthanasia ends with a question mark...why? because ur concerned abt the topic as a suggestion? or because u dnt knw wat it means??

  5. kom igen = come again.
    i thought it would have been obvious... nah just kidding. i was baffled when i found out that it really is what it actually sounds like.

  6. blog ni modotte kudasai
    (please return to blog)

  7. boo!!
    u know wtas funny? snowy's doing Ext 2 Eng & ur doing Ext 2 Maths...
    ok- not funny, but ummm... just smth i thought u all shud know.

  8. wowwww r u srs??

    *sigh* i wish i could. im not even good enough to do ext 1.

  9. lamzity, stop commenting on your blog and post something! I'll give you until 6th of November to hibernate from blogging (that's when ur last exam is right?). after that if you're not back i'll ... well, ask you politely instead of calling out threats that i won't carry out.