Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sincere Attempt at Sincere Poetry - stuff straight out of my heart

Do you know how much I love you?
My heart breaks every time you shout at me.
It leaps out of its cage every time you hug.
My lips tremble at your exhausted, bitter, slashing words.
Yet, my nose does not want to stop smelling you.
It hurt a lot when you pulled my hair.
But it hurts more when you want to cut off the invisible string that ties my heart to yours.

I know you love me more than I can ever love you.
Do you know exactly how much I love you?

I know this all seems empty to you.
Empty words with empty letters in empty envelopes in empty post office in the empty city of my empty, non-existant heart. Right?
I am empty.
Without you.

I love you, this much, and much more.


The day you told me you always thought I would be the child closest to you, but I broke your heart by not being her. I hope you know - I love you, this much, and much more.


  1. yup. she doesn't know it exists though.

  2. just letting you know i was here, even though not making any comment about the post/poem.

  3. e: there's a post for u up there. :D