Friday, August 08, 2008

Draft #3

I slept about ten hours last night, yet the whole day my eyes have been sore and tired to the point that I dozed off while talking to people. The sleep in the long train rides did not satisfy them, nor the half-an-hour nap during a free period. It was worrying me so much that I actually went to a doctor. Obviously, he said there's nothing wrong with them. :S Its better to be safe than sorry. Once, an optometrist told me I don't cry enough, (He said my eyes should be wet more frequently.. but same thing.) and that's why my eyes are drier than normal people. LOL.

So anyway, I was at the library today, and there was this girl sitting next to me, who constantly kept glancing at my screen. Not that there was anything to look at. (:0) But it still violated my rights! I tried giving her the look, the smile, the fidgeting. She still kept glancing. So I started doing the same because chorer mon beshir bhag shomoy pulish pulish hoy. But she wasn't doing anything that should be dobbed about either. I got bored after a while.

Half way through reading Emma, now. Its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, although Miss Bates can get quite tedious at times.

Meh. Eyes hurting again.

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