Wednesday, July 22, 2009

6 Things I hate about YOU!

I know, I know. I'm not supposed to post until the 5th of November. But there are several reasons why this post doesn't count.
a) I need to vent. (note the urgency)
b) I am not studying anyway. So the whole purpose of giving up blogging has been defied.
I rest my case.

Disclaimer: The 'you' does not refer to a particular person. This is the top six things that I can't stand in other people. If you are guilty of any of these: STAY AWAY! I am sure there are people in the world without these qualities whom I can mingle with. Alternatively, you can try to change.

1. Hypocrisy (Self explanatory)
2. Cowardliness (Especially in guys! I think its because all the men that I respect and admire, such as my dad, brother, Steve, are not cowards. Chivalry is dead in our society, but my expectations are set high by the chivalrous men around me. I can't, absolutely cannot respect a male person if he is a coward.)
3. Careless use of words (includes lying, bitching, bitching and lying simultaneously, inconsistancy in words and action, excessive appraisal without believing in the praises)
4. Selfishness (I am quite selfish myself, so I guess its not fair to be irritated by selfish people. But because I am selfish, another selfish person in my surroundings will bring about fights and lead to hatred. If you want to avoid hatred, and you are an extremely selfish person, keep a distance please!)
5. Egotism, in males and females alike
6. Self-pitying

There you go, if you know that you are a 'YOU', you know why I have been so distant to you. Ever since I found out you had one of these, I've been trying to restrain myself from hitting you over the head with the nearest heaviest thing.


  1. xaww im all of those things i think do u want 2 hit my head?

    ohh well i still love you =]

  2. Whatever you are, you are not a coward. Or a hypocrite. So that makes everything else ok just because its you. :)

    love love you too!

  3. lamia you borrow my laptop to study, now I know what you do. Very B.........A......D.