Friday, October 16, 2009

not my words

HSC: One of the most gruelling of any type of exam, by any standard. Taken in Australia, in the final year of schooling, the HSC determines your UAI, or University Admission Index, and subsequntly, your life.
The English exam(s) alone require the candidate to memorise 16 texts to quote from.

These exams have caused countless teenage suicides, and mass depression in adolescents, which causes excessive drinking and debauchery, and consequently, suspension, lowering the opportunity to learn and succed with this increddibly painful ordeal.



  1. ahahah bless urbandictionary! btw i LOVE LOVE LOVE ur pics!

  2. LOL

    lamia u know what i have no idea what my texts are i used my history n memory text 2 write a belonging essay coz i was so out of it !! n i was like wtf has this got 2 do with belonging

    urban dictionary <3

    hey whens that book sale thingy that the yr 12s do :D i want 2 pass on my lack of wisdom !

    I'll see u during our first HSC exam :)

    :) good luck !! study hard

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