Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Temporary death, waiting for you to save me, 5/11!

I have a runny nose, slight fever (in my opinion, not in anyone else's, unfortunately), knotty hair, bones that feel like they have both arthritis and osteoporosis, yellow eyes, an occasional cough, frequent sneezing, sweating and nausea. I also have less than 14 days till HSC.

From my list of things to do, I still haven't finished the analysis of At Mornington. Harwood feels like hard wood (a stole term from Aniqa)soaked in petrol. She's inviting me to set fire on everything that includes her name. Poetry is a wonderful expression of art, or would have been, if only we didn't have to analyse them so much for the Horrible Savage Creation.

This post is reminding me of Frankenstein. Another body part of the Horrible Savage Creation that I want to burn.

But thankfully, I can see the light at the end. Its less than a month away, waiting to sweep me off my feet and allow me to start to make history!


  1. freedom soon

    MORE OMG I HAVE A FEVER TOO !! we are sickness buddies

    :) happy studying
    btw please send me frans poems im like dying

    <3 aniqa

  2. hii can i put ur blog on my list??

    <3 taffanie