Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wake up Sid

I just watched a really cute movie called 'Wake Up Sid'. Its about a spoilt, useless, yet talented, boy who grows up to be a man after he meets a girl. The story seems (and probably is) incredibly clichéd, but I am a sucker for romantic comedies most days, so predictably, it made me tear up like a teenage girl. The part that I loved the most was that they both helped each other grow a little bit, each day. They began as very different people, yet, they brought out the best in each other. Isn't that what all relationship should be about - bringing out the best in each other?

I think, when you don't have anyone in sight that you would like to be in a long term relationship with, you construe an ideal, 'perfect' image in your head, inspired by the various -woods, novels, public faces of others' relationships mixed in with what you believe what you need in order to be 'happy'. But when you fall for someone, the perfect list goes out the window. The trick is to realise that there are more than one person that you have a chance of being compatible with, and you will most definitely have problems with all of them. However, you need to figure out what problems are worth putting up with.

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