Monday, December 19, 2011

When blessings shower...

I walked home in the pouring rain with my beloved red umbrella (yes, its been two years, but I still love it!) and all I could think of was - I wish I could capture these moments with all of my senses. Time seemed to slow beneath those white and yellow street lights that lit up under the overcast sky. Raindrops lit up one by one, glittered for a while, then fell upon the earth ever so softly. Their heavy melody upon metal rooftops blocked out the unpleasant noises of reality; the smell of fresh, softened earth made my heart beat a little faster. I looked at all those staring at the rain, some with a blank expression, some exasperated from the inconvenience after a long day at work. And I wondered why they could not feel the beauty that I felt. And I felt grateful for being able to feel the beauty. And, even though, by the time I came home, most of my clothes were drenched, and even though, the walk home seemed much longer than the usual five minutes, and even though, I was worried whether my laptop is protected enough - the walk was one of the most content, beautiful walks I have ever walked.

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