Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hatin' on people

When I was in year 12, I wrote a blog post called '6 things I hate about you', listing qualities that I absolutely hate. So, lately, certain things about certain people are bothering me. It seemed to me that what they say is not entirely what they think. Or, maybe, what they are saying is not yet what they are thinking, but they are trying to adopt a certain way of thinking, and attempting to do so by saying things that align to that particular way. This is absolutely fine. In fact, I oppose the idea of saying everything you're thinking to every single person. The reason is, not everyone knows the person that you are, they only know you through the 'window that you open to them' (quoting Apuni). Thus, if the first window that you open to them shows something extremely negative, they will have trouble digesting it, and it will shadow subsequent thoughts about you.

When you open more and more windows, they begin to see more and more bits of you. Thus, the more you open, the more they know 'you'. What bothers me is when you think you know a person, because you think they have opened up lots of windows, but they really haven't. They just pretended that some of those windows never existed. The natural thing to do is, when you know someone is opening up windows, you would open yours too. So, when you realise that while you have been showing all of 'you' to someone, they have been showing none of themselves, it has an elastic effect. You begin to shut down your windows.

Going back to that list of 6 things - I guess I still hate hypocrisy the absolute most.

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