Friday, September 07, 2012

Interesting people

I bumped into SD yesterday at Central. SD went to high school #2 with me, and just like most of my classmates from high school #2, I never got to know her too well. I can't remember ever having an one-to-one conversation that lasted more than five minutes. But yesterday, we had more than half an hour's worth of solid public transport time with each other. We had an interesting conversation going on - jumping from a lengthy discussion about which field of psychology we want to work in to what sort of guy we are look for to how we want to bring up our kids. One of the things we both agreed on was that neither of us want to work full time while we bring up children. You are moulding a generation when you bring up a child, and if you can help it, you do not want to make the same mistakes as you see around you. She said she wished she wrote down every thought while growing up, so that she remembers what its like. I was thinking, thank God for my blog, numerous diaries and bits and pieces of paper from my teen years. I look through those things sometimes, and even now (even though I am neither married nor a mother) I cannot feel the emotions I felt five years back. But at least they are there, emotions and events are documented. I love the idea of capturing moments so that we can look back on these and learn something from it.

I talked to two more people over the past few days - both about sixteen years of age. Both of them had very interesting thoughts, and probably felt like people didn't listen to them enough because of their age. One of them was from my scripture class. Her father grew up in Tunisia, got kicked out of the country at a young age because he wanted justice, travelled around Arab and ended up in Europe, met her mum while she was studying in an university in France, got married, had kids, came to Australia, went to Medina, came back to Australia. She is a very intelligent, mature young woman who is attuned with the reality of both the world and her life (mostly the world). She loves studying politics - her energy shows in the way her eyes light up when she talks about her ideas. She is also very sure about her ideas and she makes decisions based on surety. This increased my respect for her exponentially. I am about five years older than her, and I still don't have my life sorted out. I am still fumbling with life, trying to figure out where I should be going, trying to understand the world situation and unsure about where I stand with my viewpoints.

The other person that I talked to fascinated me with the clarity of her thoughts as well. She has some very unusual health conditions. She was talking to me about the way her body felt, her thoughts, her interactions with others and the changes that occurred. I was amazed at her ability to express her emotions in a way that I understood, but also in a way in which she did not feel violated. That is an amazing skill that I am yet to master, because most of the time, I don't have my emotions sorted out enough in my head. She also had a surprising level of manners. I actually felt quite rude because I was checking my phone quite frequently because I was running late.

And then there's Sum. Sum, the other sixteen year old (and the most important one) in my life, graduated yesterday. I saw her grow up from an annoying six year old smartass who knew way too much for her own good (not really, she just knew more than me, which annoyed me. :P), to a beautiful young woman. As she described it, she is indeed my 'sister in all but blood' and one of my closest friends. Its nice to know what she's thinking, and its nice to let her know what I'm thinking. I shall not talk too much about you in this space since I know you're reading it, Sum. :P

One of my closest friends went through a major transformation recently. In fact, when transformations are of this scale, everything seems surreal. I feel closer to her more than ever, and I hope she does too.

In fact, when I think about it, my life is so perfect right now. Yes, there are a thousand things that I have to do, but the process of it isn't so bad. Because I am happy. :)

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