Friday, September 21, 2012

Drama everywhere.

This blog has bore my thoughts since I was fourteen years old. I am now twenty one. If anyone wants to stalk my mind or carry out a psychoanalysis, this would be the place to start (and possibly end). I am generally very careful not to give out personal details, so if anyone wants to physically stalk me, they would be disappointed. As opposed to physical stalking, mental stalking has some advantages. Especially for a lost person like me, who still hasn't figured herself out, it helps when someone else observes and interprets myself for me. It also helps in keeping myself transparent. Sure, there are certain thoughts that I'd rather not expose to daylight, but I generally put out most thoughts here. So, if I happen to be a psychopath, somebody, someday, hopefully, will tell me.

Yesterday, at the end of another dramatic day, I realised how much I have changed in terms of accepting drama. In fact, it was only on the 11th of August that I posted about being 'dramia', and I remember liking being le Dramia. I remember liking drama for as long as I can remember - it spices up life. Yesterday, I realised, I don't find drama as amusing as I used to. I think its because I can now see the consequences of crossing limits. Every word and every action will be accounted for, somehow. In saying that, I don't think we should run away from drama if it falls upon us, either. It must be dealt with, but isn't as enjoyable as it used to be in the past. There goes my possible career path of being a marriage counsellor. Or any sort of counsellor. (And counsellors differ from psychologists. Look it up).

I have also recently taken an interest in politics. I am still only beginning to touch the surface, hence, I cannot understand intricate details of a lot of things yet. But, compared to the average human being, you can say I am no longer apolitical. It actually is very hard to be such a person in our current world. I lost faith in mainstream media a long time ago, and recent events are furthering my stance. However, it seems like no one can be trusted any more, when it comes to politics. Every single statement is an opinion, so, must be taken with a pinch of salt. In fact, there are so many opinions that are being thrown around from left, right and centre, opinions from people with very little knowledge, I am beginning to doubt the future of humanity (not really). Don't get me wrong - I love listening to people's opinions. But it gets problematic when they are based on incorrect or skewed information, or when they come from people who are opinionated just for the sake of being opinionated.

So, drama in the outside world and inside (?) world has led me to conclude a few things:
- Hardly anything surprises me these days.
- Being articulate, assertive, truthful and wise are the most important four aspects of communication.
- Being judgemental comes back and bites you in the backside.
- The more I know, the more I know how less I know.

In other news:
- I am now the proud owner of a coffee maker. I managed to go without coffee today. It does not feel awesome, but I think my body needs some detoxification.
- There are less than 2 months left till this semester finishes, including exams!
- I have started 365 photos again! This time - through instagram. My username is lamzity. Follow me if you like! (Nothing much to stalk here either).
- I have gone into a new plan which gives me free texting, and a greater downloading limit. But there are no free calls. So get ready to be text trolled by me. Constantly.
- Z got her first haircut today!
- I joined a gym! I have entered it once, to get my card et al. I am yet to start exercising.
- I wish I had some form of a Pensieve. 

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