Saturday, October 06, 2012

Fine line

You are wasting your time in unhappiness. Just be happy, find peace within yourself. There's a difference between being happy and getting everything you want. There is also a difference between feeling peace inside you in happiness, and feeling angry due to injustice to others. Peace comes when you let go of the injustices you feel against your own self in order to attain something greater. So, you don't need to get everything you want. You don't need to let go of fighting against injustice in the world. You just need to find that fine line called balance.

I got an email from one of my favourite girls. And this an excerpt:

"and i felt like sharing it with u =)

but y'know how he says the people make u drown and u gotta help the other people up to survive yourself. loll now we gotta keep swimming :P"
I wanted to remember that. :)

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