Friday, October 19, 2012


I just realised how much I love surprises, again. Just the other day, a friend was talking about how my eyes lit up when he bought me coffee, a gesture that isn't too special, but I remember feeling very special. I remember getting a huge box of chocolate from SB and feeling a similar way. And I felt similar when my mum surprised me with the 7th book of Harry Potter, back in the year it came out, fresh out of her suitcase back from her visit to England. On my 12th birthday, my sister left my gifts underneath and on top of my pillow. I remember feeling very pleased to discover every bit of it - a lip gloss, a pack of gel pens, a little purple note book, a deodorant and a card. At twelve, that seemed like the best gift, ever. And when she came back from Canada with a little box of coffee. And the most recent one - a simple sentence of appreciation. No matter how ordinary something is, as long as it is unexpected, it can reduce me to tears. 

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