Thursday, July 25, 2013


A few days ago, a facebook friend posted a report about a political injustice happening in Bangladesh. Then another friend of his and I had a facebook fight about the legitimacy of reports etc, with him believing a lot of the bs that bengali media throws out, and me trying to prove my point that they are indeed a load of bs. At one point, he questioned my premise of 'truth' quite mockingly - "How do we know what truth is? Maybe we're living in a matrix?" Interestingly, even though he was joking, it has an element of truth in it. What IS the truth and how do we know it? What if your perception of the truth isn't really truth?

The way we know what truth is is through our inherent ability to understand logic. And truth is what we believe to be true, right? So, I say that I logically believe in one All Powerful Being - Allah. (P.S: Ask me what the logic is next time you see me. :P). And everything else that I 'believe' flows from that one logical belief. Which makes sense, because people who 'believe' in modern science only, thinks that whatever you can perceive with your physical senses are 'truth' -- that is their starting point of their logic, and every other belief flows from that.

Anyway, so, from my belief, I know that everything- everything in life is a test and/or a blessing. So, in essence, we might actually be living in something like a matrix. In relation to me, everything else is a test/blessing. So, everything else is part of the matrix. In relation to you, I am a part of it. However I treat you is not controlled by you, so if you think of me as just another part of a matrix, then all you need to do is figure out how you should treat me, and vice versa. The catch is to not take this metaphor too far and actually believe that its okay to jump off a roof because you can bend a spoon, because they aren't really there. :P

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