Sunday, August 25, 2013

Feeling positive -1

A friend of mine used to say that him and his best friend would frequently wonder how most people in the world are stupid. They marveled at those who thought about the world, its people and their destructiveness, made fun of people who weren't as thoughtful, or expressive about their deep thoughts; basically - anyone who weren't at their level of intellectualism would be a victim of being labelled as 'stupid'. It makes sense. I roll my eyes at those who are obsessed with make-up, non-existent rolls of fat, being rich just for the sake of being rich, aren't able to eat food that's been in the fridge for a day or two so they throw it out without flinching- and many, many more types of people. The list seems to keep getting longer and longer. The problem with spending a lot of time hating is that you lose time that you could have used to love. I don't think I can ever fully respect people in the above list, but if I keep thinking about them, all the time, I will forget about the people I do respect and love. 

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