Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dat hippy feeling

I am currently helping ma write portfolio comments, which shouldn't be that hard because she teaches year two, but is turning out to be extremely tedious. She works under a perfectionist who believes that her way is the only right way, which stresses my mum out. So, even though these kids might grow up and completely forget about whether their teacher wrote that they were 'very good' or 'competent' at addition when they were seven years old, at this point, it is extremely important to their teacher. So, even though I don't see a point in being meticulous in such a trivial thing, I must treat it with utmost importance.

That's the thing about love - we may never see the purpose of a certain action, we may never want to take that particular action even if it kills me - but we do it because it would make someone we love, happy. Someone told me something years ago, and it stuck with me - do little things for your parents, and it'll make them incredibly happy. My life is an example of the truth of this. I am yet to achieve something amazing that they can proudly wear around their neck like a medal. But they smile when they see me. And that makes me happy.

I always analyse my life, happiness, purpose, balance and all that jazz. So, today's conclusion is, we must think about the big stuff - the big tests, the world, our place in it. But that doesn't mean we cannot enjoy the little things that come with it. In fact, being grateful about the little things works very much in coherence with working towards the big things. You learn to complain less, are thankful for the good that God provided for you, patient through the hardships because you know that someone else is suffering a little more, and also a little thankful for the hardships because you know that they'll only make things better for the future if you respond to them with the right attitude.

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