Saturday, January 11, 2014


Everything in this world is an illusion. Attachment to any of it more than what is Real is always dangerous, no matter how halal it is. Sometimes, we want an attachment to be okay and we fool ourselves into thinking that the difference between being unattached and attached is very little. But the difference is never too little. Everything must be taken back to the one attachment we need to truly have, the only one that will give us constant peace.

I realise I am sounding very YM-ish lately, so I decided to stop sounding YM-ish and return to my resting state of awesomeness. As off... now.

I have sooo many things to do but every time i sit down to do them my mind wonders to a hundred other places entirely unrelated to the things i have to do so i begin thinking that i should get a tea and sit down and start doing things but then i feel lazier than i originally felt my most recent password for my uni account comes from give me a sign because i was listening to it while i set it however ironically i heard the lyrics wrong so the password actually does not come from the lyrics but i don't feel like changing it because every password has a memory associated with it i have horrible self regulation its something i definitely need to fix up as soon as possible i'm super sleepy.

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