Monday, May 12, 2014

Introducing Mr H

Marriage is an interesting experience. If you are lucky and blessed, you marry your best friend, or you find a new best friend in your spouse. There are absolutely no secrets or barrier, but at the same time, you remember that the person you are married to is an individual, hence, your thought processes are not always going to be at sync. So, the way you may perceive or process something might be entirely different to the way your spouse does it. On top of that, the way you share your space with this person is very different to anyone else. Hence, it is very easy for your spouse to pick up on your weaknesses. Which means its very easy to be your truest self, the most vulnerable you have ever been. Which also means that if you have married the right person, you will eventually learn to help each other work through weaknesses and bring out the best in each other.

I feel quite lucky and blessed about Mr H. (He does not watch this space though, so I can praise him as much as I want without giving him a huge head. :P)

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