Friday, May 16, 2014

Time management

The busier life gets, the more I am understanding the importance of managing time well. I can't say that I have been putting every moment to use, hence, I know that I am not overcommitted at the moment, I am just the same old disorganised person that I always have been. Being disorganised is generally fine when you are a single university student - your life consists of uni work, friends, a bit of family, social work and maybe a part time job to pay for the minimal expenses and coffees. You can stay up till 2 AM watching TV shows, then get a coffee in the morning and finish off that assignment that's due at midnight. But this does not work when the main focus in your life is no longer you.

Possible steps of better time management:
- Keep your calendar updated with every commitment.
- Dua
- Make sure the minimum faraids are going okay, otherwise, everything else you do will be futile.
- To do list every morning

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