Thursday, May 21, 2015


Its important to speak to people in their language. You can be speaking the same language, but essentially, be speaking completely differently, which in fact, is almost as if you're speaking a different language. We did a case study about this once - an Aboriginal woman who was raped was not given her rights by court because she didn't speak the way they did, even though, both parties were speaking in English. She didn't have the same mannerisms, didn't use certain words in certain contexts, etcetera. I think I am beginning to understand that lately. When you speak to someone, you need to observe the way they speak, first, before you speak, in order to increase the chances of them understanding you completely. There are a lot of people in my life right now that I don't know how to do that with, yet. But our whole life is one big learning process, isn't it.

Its also important to recognise the difference between listening to advice and taking it. Everyone has a different situation that they are dealing with, and everyone is at different points in their life. Its important to recognise that some people have gotten bitter through experience, and they will give advice out of their own bitterness. But, yes, life can be bitter sometimes, and sometimes a bit sour, but life can be sweet too. We need to be thankful for the sweet times and be patient through the rest, and be grateful to Allah for His infinite wisdom for laying life out the way it is.

Sometimes, its hard to hear nature above all the clutters of the world. But we have a secret sound within us that we often miss - the sound of breathing. Its the sound that tells us we're living, and it almost sounds like the ocean inside a spiral shell. Sometimes, we just need to stop and hear ourselves breathe.

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