Tuesday, August 18, 2015


TA can use her words so incredibly well. We only ever talk over whatsapp - in our years of friendship, I can only remember having coffee with her a couple of times. The most amount of face to face time we had was probably during our wedding. Yet, she can somehow tell when I am a little bit under the weather.

Here's a little draft of something else I wrote in light of my convo with TA today:

The world inside my head is blurry.
It used to be clear
Before you walked in.
I had my pen, lined paper
and thoughts.
I had my eyes, two feet
and a cup of coffee.
I formed words easily - 
I could hear them talk
without listening to them.
I could smile with bright eyes
without letting them peak inside.
You ripped me apart,
blurred my vision,
took the words, and,
Began reigning inside my head.

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