Thursday, December 17, 2015

Imaginary friends

Z's imaginary friend is called 'babyr baba' and sometimes she talks to him on the phone (possibly because she grew up watching the women around her talk to their baby's baba on the phone). He's a doctor (coincidentally, so is her dad!) and works at a hospital. He also lives in London (possibly sourced from her great uncle and aunty's visit from London). Today, she told me he has no nose. And that he's a fish. And he has a tail.

We pretended to be lions today. It was Z's idea - I was just being silly and making sounds with my mouth, and she asked me, 'are you a lion?'.
'me too!'
'I'm a khammi lion.'
'And I'm a baby lion.'

Then it was dogs, turtles, cows and giraffes.

She told me that she remembers my wedding - but the only thing she remembers is that I wore a sari and had a big round thing on my forehead. Then we looked through my wedding photos together, and she got so happy seeing herself in them!

She slept on my bed this afternoon. When she sleeps, she curls up, like I do. She's like me in so many ways. She remembers words, remembers the way they feel. Her imagination is much more vivid though. I can't remember having an imaginary friend that early.

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