Monday, July 03, 2017


M is nine and a half weeks now. The crazy hormonal thoughts have almost subsided, alhamdulillah. I still do get the occasional bouts of irrational thoughts, but Mr H has been absolutely great about it. He buys me chocolate and let me keep all the money that M got on Eid. My caffeine finances for 2017 sorted!

M shows her recognition quite well these days - she flashes the biggest smile her tiny face can hold and throws her arms and legs around. This morning, while she lay on the bed and I sat at the computer trying to get started on an essay, she stared at me with super sad eyes. Every time I made eye contact, she smiled so bright that I almost gave up on my work. She coos and aahs with anybody that would spare the time for her. My mum is amazing at talking to M - she responds to her so, so well! She spent the last four days with her cousins in a different state, Z, now 5, and K, nearly 2. Z and K loved to talk to her as well, and M loved the attention.

I need to start filling out M's baby book regularly and properly. There are some things that are not relevant, I am thinking I can stick photos on top of those. I need to start compiling her photos and print them out. I ordered some books from book depository for M. I am thinking I will also make an anthology of poetry for her. Words that I love, bound for her, to read whenever she wants, if she wants. 

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