Thursday, December 20, 2007

Entertaining Experiences

Though the girls are virtually dead right now, it is absolutely necessary for me to share my little telephone encounter with Emu and Flynn. I have to say, I might try it again, just to hear the confusion in the victim's voice. I knew it would be good, but things turned out to be better than expected. I will never forget this day - it was just too hilarious!

Well, we went to a house with lots of little kids just to pay an Eid visit, but being so close to the family, Ma wanted to stay there for a long time. There were three aunties, about twenty kids and us - three innocent, bored, young girls. We had lunch and hung around for a while, when 'the idea' hit Sum's head. It didn't exactly hit it then, it was there long before as they tried something similar on me that very morning. I am proud to say I was not fooled too much and easily figured out who the perpetrators were. By the time we got into the action, one of them left.. yeah, it was a shame. Would have been much more fun with Rad.

We planned the whole situation about seven times before deciding on a final one. Then I called Baba and found out Emu's home number and wrote it down with shaking hands. It felt too evil to be true, but hey, that's what boredom does to you. The numbers were also pressed with shaking hands. Then we waited. Eagerly.

Emu picked up. I masked my voice in some kind of Indian accent and asked for 'sister Emu'. Her response was positive, so, I carried on. I explained that my family was a new migrant from Fiji. I got her number from Ish and I wanted her to marry my imaginary depressed brethren. At one point, I could not stop laughing and had to hand the phone to sis to carry on. This happened a few times, but we still managed to fool the Martian. After a lot of 'negotiation' (seeing that I live in Rockdale!), she suggested that we meet at a GJ not far away from her house. This was getting way too funny. Anyway, we hung up and called back to confess it was just us. Apperantly, miss Emu was 'sure' it was us and was about to call us right then!

That was just one of them. Rad was present for the other one and she laughed her head off every time Flynn said something. We went by the same identity and insisted that she was the perfect one for the depressed guy. We had a different, yet, all the more amusing, conversation, and I even succeeded to make her talk to Mr J (this was also played by a girl, for all those cautious kids out there). It sort of started to fall apart near the end, so we decided to reveal our identity. She could not guess who we were even with ten guesses. Therefore, it became our duty to fill in the clueless girl. Yes, she was surprised.

We called Ms Z, sis of Rad, too. But, she wasn't home and of all the people, her hubby picked up. Nevertheless, we kept it cool and innocently told him to pass on the message. She would be waiting for a call from Ms Fatima from Rockdale. Oh well, opens up possibilities for the rest of us, right?


  1. i think i shall go down to rookwood and reserve plots for the lot of you.

    btw, u must tell me when u'r going to call Z lady. i want to be soon as mother lets me leave the house...

    i will admit to being fooled wen u said that u met ishi & stuff like that... but as SOON as u started blabbing abt how ishi had said soo much abt me & especially wen u suggested that I would be "perfect" for said non-existent depressed dude, i KNEW it was a prank. I thought it was ishi & nahid with sum1 else... i admit, i CUD NOT believe that it was u, lamzity!!
    But i did know this fatimah was some fictitious character, and went along with the flow trying to figure out who u lot were...
    it was a good idea, but i hate u lot anyway


  4. ^that was radz btw :P

  5. I can't believe ish actually gave away flynn's number!