Friday, December 21, 2007

Last etcs

Ichigo Ichi E!!! from Emu's blog. By the way, what on earth is Ichigo Ichi E?

Last Cigarette: About two years ago, when I was dared by my 10 year old cousins. It was a taka worth of puffs, followed by two taka worth of ice-cream to get rid of the stink. Don't ask.
Last Alcoholic Drink: Haven't had any since I was born
Last Car Ride: Coming home after our mischievous calls
Last Kiss: Was it Amira or Salman... hmm... either way - from some cutie.
Last Good Cry: don't recall either
Last Library Book: To kill a Mockingbird
Last book bought: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: This, I cannot tell - way too embarrassing! I was forced in and didn't watch half of it. However, I can proudly say that the one before that was Pirates 3.
Last Movie Rented: Do not rent. I only borrow from others. Much cheaper, don't you think?
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Probably the S word. Trying to get rid of it.
Last Baverage Drank: Water.
Last Food Consumed: Jorda. Orange rice like substance with nuts.
Last Crush: Hmm... cannot disclose.
Last Phone Call: I am sure Flynn can tell you all about that. :P
Last TV Show Watched: Friends. I was bored.
Last Time Showered: Umm.
Last Shoes Worn: Black sandals with too little of heels.
Last CD Played: Do not use CDs anymore.
Last Item Bought: A top, I think.
Last Download: Some song from Esnips.
Last Annoyance: Faisal and Salman fighting and crying over trivial issues.
Last Disappointment: Not being able to reach Ms Z on phone
Last Soda Drank: Coke
Last Thing Written: Emu's phone number for a very, very important cause.
Last Words Spoken: 'kotha bolbe'. hehehe... repeating Ma's words to Baba.
Last Sleep: 4 hours ago
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Forgot
Last Chair Sat In: sitting in computer chair right now
Last Webpage Visited: Emu's blog


  1. :S i absolutely hate anonymous comments. Please tell me who u r.

  2. "Last Thing Written: Emu's phone number for a very, very important cause."

    important cause indeed, you brat!