Friday, May 08, 2009

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There is about five months to go before my life takes a turn and I can already feel it getting nervous. There are so many possibilities in front that its not exactly sure what to do. I started daydreaming about those after-HSC times long ago but the time before that is seeming more and more real. I have only two sets of school assessments to go before the final moment arrives!

I figured out why I want to do medicine. It will give me a very fulfilling career and it provides job security. Therefore, I can have a fulfilling career my whole life, if I am not unlucky. When I am about 45/50, I can go back to Bangladesh and work in a village for free. Before that, I can save up enough money to life a comfortable life and help people with my money too. I don't want to feel like I have wasted my life when I look back. I want to feel like I have contributed at least a little to the world.

We went to a career expo today, where representatives from various universities try to sell their courses as 'the best'. I added Bond University to my list of potentials, along with the ten others that I have thought of before. At times, it feels like the process would be a sinch! And most other times, I don't believe I can get there. Maybe this is driving me crazy. I must be acting very weird lately. 'A' asked me if I wanted to commit suicide. It made me laugh.

I talked to 'H' after a long time today and shared the stress of economics. I see 'O' at the bus stop sometimes, I've also seen Ange a few times. But I have no idea what happened to Karishma. Conclusion: HSC vanishes people.

I have no idea what I wanted to talk about or what I am talking about. I think the coffee that I have about seven hours ago is still working its way through my body. I am feeling extra jittery today.

I texted choto mami and 'K' bhaiya last night. None of them texted back. I think my skills in phone-tennis is deteriorating. I can't even win one whole game any more! Minesweeper started to annoy me too.

I am getting my reports next week. Maybe thats another reason for feeling so jittery, even though I know my rankings already. Chemistry made me laugh. I am at the top of the list if you turn it upside down.
And I deactivated facebook! :D

I am running out of updates. My life is very boring right now.


  1. new update: you reactivated your facebook :)

  2. Salam Lamz,
    I feel quite guilty to arrive in this web-log so late!! While I have landed in all ur favorite’s beforehand. I must rate it to a higher extent comparing many inclines.

    Several lines were just reminiscing of some flash-back memories. That was my parent’s anticipation to go for medical as my elder was an Architect. Me always liked to be introduced as black-sheep of my family & I belonged to a dissimilar way. Still I am glad to my profession where I belong to.

    Medicine is a great way of serving ppl & obviously a noble profession indeed. Ppl in BD revere them to great extent as well. My littl sis is also in a top BD medical college, Alhamdulillah. But she had to contemplate for years long & went through a die hard competition race. Despite she has to listen that phrase ‘Quacked’ so often from me. :)

    Expressing affinity for those oppressed ppl of our territory is not our only obligation. &
    You can still serve anonymously by saving & donating your Tiffin- Money at times :)
    pls visit- 1 degree Initiative
    Sorry.. I am loquacious a bit in replies :( Apologize..
    Reactivating FB depicts termination of exam :) May Allah SWT help you to accomplish your next acquisitive goal . Ameen.