Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Convictions, Sharpnesses and Blehs

angered faces
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Rimo says there's 21 days till doomsday.

Things I still need to do:
- Finish my analysis of At Mornington
- Takes notes on, start analysing AND finish analysing A Valediction, Sharpness of Death, Triste Triste
- Take notes on 3rd text for H&M essay and fix it up
- Fix up my pathetic story for paper 1
- A lot of Q 6&7s from maths extension 1
- A lot of papers for maths extension 2
- Go through the list of things to do for chem and actually do them
- Keep doing chem papers
- Go through everything for eco
- Get info on eco stats
- Re-write essay on China and memorise

All of these must be done in the next week. If M's predicted ATAR is 94-95, mine is not going to be higher.

People I do not want to disappoint: (Maybe its a bit too late, but working my backside off for the next 2 weeks might be worth a shot.)
- Ma
- Ma
- Ma
- Ma
- Ma
- Baba
- Steve
- Apuni and Bhaiyun

People whose smirks I would like to wipe off with a great ATAR:
- ******
- *****

But I think they'll get a better ATAR than me anyway.

Things I have to do after HSC:
- Lose 10 kgs
- Get a job and earn $$$
- Learn to drive
- Learn to cook, and bake more than just basic cakes
- Learn to sew
- Make video clips for my favourite songs that do not have video clips yet
- Take + edit photos to my heart's content

The list goes on.

I slept for about 13 hours yesterday.

Things I would like to change about myself:
- My inconsistency
- My lack of time management
- My lack of organisation
- My inability to hide my annoyance when needed

My mother is everything I'm not. I wouldn't like to change myself to completely be like her. I wish I had all the qualities that she has, AND all the good things I like about myself.

My graduation is on Friday. I will be graduating from high school. I will be beyond the boundaries and limitations of school. Yet I do not feel a thing. I just want to get this over and done with and get out of this place ASAP.

I just want to go home and eat.

Yes, today is one of those days. I think I am pms-ing. EVERYBODY is annoying me.

"You're in the hands of philosophers
who cut themselves, and bleed,
and know that knives are sharp,
but prove with complex logic
there's no such thing as sharpness."

I love making prank calls.

Another thing to do after HSC: BURN stuff.

I should go.


  1. "All I want to do is hide,
    It's graduation day.
    And everything I learned inside
    Didn't seem to pay.

    I'm ranting while I'm raving
    There's nothing here worth saving..."

    ...something like that>

    (...well! look at lamz' new and improved blog!)

  2. haha i don't even have anything for the first three poems

    now i don't even try to do something because i know i won't succeed
    why do i always wind up on the net

  3. XD wow ur so organised =] dont forget 2 relax so u dont burn urself out

    wow 95 is such a good predicted atar !! why arent u happy !! congrats =]

  4. anon: and you are?

    rimo: :(. you'll get a better ATAR than me and you know it.

    aniqa: :). im pmsing.

  5. why are you talking about atars

    atar comes after studying

    do you think that Allah just hands out 99s to people who don't study