Thursday, February 10, 2011

And then it goes again

Glass bangles

I am very pleased to announce that life has nearly resumed its regularity. Or normality, I should say. I have began to tutor both of students again. I'm positive about getting a few more, hopefully my positivity will yield some real results. I have finally figured out a way to wear the hijab slightly neater than I have been in the past. My clothes sense has improved, according to Marisa. Let's just hope she's right! I am paying off my debt to my siblings (which were caused due to lack of funds at the end of last year and beginning of this year) and hopefully, soon, I can enjoy things with my own money. I'm going to play tennis with Sum tomorrow evening, and every other friday evenings (hopefully). I'm really looking forward to my course and working with ISOC at uni again. All I need now is to reconnect with my creator. And life would be perfect. :)

HOWEVER, I have a cycle to my life. I agree with Shakespeare that all the world is a stage and all the men and women are players in it. I also believe that I have seven stages too. However, my seven stages seem to come in a cycle, instead of a road.

1. Life is perfect.
2. Few bumps come along the way, bumps that are smooth-able.
3. More bumps along the way, a bit harder to fix.
4. I give up, or I screw up due to my own faults.
5. Life becomes horrible.
6. I try to restart my life, going through a lot of tears.
7. Things get better.

Then life becomes perfect again. Therefore, I can honestly say that there are hard times ahead. I'm only at the beginning of the cycle again. 


  1. ha ha ha.....
    so, you are in a cycle :)
    but, how does tear make things better?

  2. tears don't make things better. but they lead me to thinking --> and then some taking some actions as a result of those thoughts --> sticking to it --> life gets better. :)

  3. hmm.... that's a nice flow chart :)
    you are a psychologist, after all!

  4. no 6 is hard, isnt it?
    but i think life cant b perfect...and thats d taste of life...

  5. zeenat - life is perfect when you think its perfect. :) its artistically perfect, not scientifically perfect.