Monday, February 14, 2011

My insignificant life.

I completely cleaned out my room yesterday. The main intention was to clean out the space under my bed, because, I changed my bedsheet to a simple cream coloured one. And somehow, it seemed very out of place as it draped over boxes, newspapers, shoes stashed in the small rectangular space. This realisation led me to approximately three hours of intensive cleaning - which included dusting and reorganising nearly everything. I realised that I had two options - I could either live in the mess (or somehow try, and fail, to shuffle everything so that they fit) or I could start to throw things out. That is when another realisation (I've had quite a few of them yesterday!) hit me - I have suffered from mild disposophobia for the past ten years of my life! I say mild, because it hasn't yet affected my hygene or physical safety. But you must admit - keeping to-do lists from the time when I was eleven does not exactly qualify for a perfectly healthy mind...

So now, I am enjoying the perfect view of broad green leaves of my tree under a cloudy sky, sitting inside a clean room, on top of a clean bed. I think I used to think that mess is cosy. Not exactly sure when that perspective changed, but I think I much rather enjoy neatness now! Now all I need is some things on my wall. The only problem is - I'm still short of money (as always). However, I started to work at a tutoring centre now, and I'm hoping the extra $$ will somehow make my life better than it already is. :)

In other news:
- B is coming back today!!
- I think I've stopped liking Big Bang Theory the way I used to like it before. They never are as good as the first season. :(
- Uni starts in 2 weeks!
- I saw a mother duck with her kids, trying to swim in a highly tiding area yesterday.
- Mubarak stepped down, Queensland flooded.

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