Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Awkward Encounters

It's sort of like walking straight into someone, then moving out of the way for them, only to face them again because they have also attempted to move out of the way and in the end you two end up doing a little dance. Except, when the encounters are initiated by you, and half way through it, neither you nor the other person know where you are going with your banter. You can feel your face burning, but since you are the one who initiated the meeting, you can't exactly run off with an excuse. You realise that you two live in entirely different books, let alone ever being in the same page. Difference is scary when it people are okay with where they are and are not willing to change, but then, maybe the other person is thinking the exact same thing about you.

Note to self: only converse with a purpose!

It's such a beautiful day out today. Yesterday was very different - it was raining heavily, I had an exam, I was scared out of my wits. I had a lovely day though, despite it's emotional lows. The coffee shop I went to had a smiling person behind the counters, who called me "miss" and used sentences like "it's my pleasure". People genuinely smiled, despite (or because of?) the rain. There's something about well made coffee that just makes everything better. Speaking of which, today's one was horrible.

I should study for my last exam.

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