Friday, February 07, 2014


I was skimming through some of my most recent posts and I came across one that listed reasons for my sadness at that time. Alhamdulillah, it made me smile to notice that I have regained career directions and I have begun to come across people who have hope for the world. Exactly opposite of the things that were making me sad. Maybe that's why I feel so happy lately. I am still trying to balance out my life, but I think it will be a constant struggle. My latest technique is to take these steps:
- List the aspects of my life that needs attention.
- Allocate time (if it's something that must be done regularly) or tasks (if applicable) for each.
- Do them. :P

I heard an excellent lecture by Harry Fear today. If you don't know him already - he is a British journalist that lives in Gaza. He doesn't identify himself with any religion, but he mentioned that if he was religious, he would be Muslim, because of the way that Islam deals with injustices. One important thing he mentioned is that about five years ago, he had no idea about Gaza, possibly not even where it's located. The fact that it is never too late to start finding out and working to remove an injustice. He talked about 3 aspects: activism, fighting against injustice with the means that you have and feeling the pain of others, and the fact that all of these aspects are rooted in core, specific principles of Islam. Listen to it if you want to have half an hour of awesome streaming into your brain. He would make an excellent Muslim. :)

My email never seems to be completely cleared out. However, I do believe I am getting organised lately. The fact that I waste a lot of time doing useless things is hitting me. I need to change my perception of relaxation and fun and suit these to be defined according to whatever situation I am in. Otherwise, you need to spend extra time on those, and there isn't just enough time for commitments alone, let alone extra time.

One of the signs of the Day of Judgement is that time passes quickly. I can feel it so well.

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