Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life is bittersweet

I have been hearing of quite a few deaths lately. People from my parents generation passing away, a twenty-four year old just randomly not waking up in the morning - things like that. Apart from the general horrific situation of the world, these things remind you that life isn't all fun and play. I may very well not wake up tomorrow morning. And then there are other different kinds of sadnesses around me - loneliness, insecurity, frustration, fear - things that exist in your head, but are very real. Some people that I love are experiencing at least one of these at the moment.

But amongst death and sadnesses, I have been happy. I have been surrounded by lovely people who are making me feel very grateful to have them in my life. I can feel the blessings in my life, which is often hard to feel, hence, is a blessing in itself. I still have annoying chores to do here and there, for example, a task that I have procrastinated from for the past three months in currently sitting in another window. But, the little annoying tasks seem manageable when the big things in life are in place.

Sometimes it feels like we have mastered a particular skill or a topic, because we are around the same group of people with similar mindsets and skill levels. And then we are thrown into a mix where we realise that we know zilch in reality. Instead of feeling disoriented with life, it's important to embrace the challenge.

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