Friday, April 17, 2009

Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday - II

Its a little after 3 pm on a Friday afternoon and my mood just swung to happiness. According to my calculations, I did about five hours of solid school work. In fact, I've been doing school work the whole day since quarter to eight, with a little bit of breaks here and there. I actually got quite a bit of maths done, read about ten pages of Frankie and understood the beginning of topic three in economics. It doesn't sound much, but I think its better to work at this pace if I am consistent. I have already planned what to do with the rest of the work that I urgently need to get done. I got rid of songs that would make me want to plunge right back into wallowing from my play list and filled it with mostly happy songs. I also made a list of things I need to do to get rid of the last bit of the blues I have in my mind. There is no point in looking back towards what's gone when I have a whole new world filled with possibilities. Even though I got irritated by B's comment about no one being able to help me if I don't help myself, I know its true. And there is no worse way of becoming unhelpful than to keep looking backwards. I enjoy the artistic side of life, the whole emotional side, but I probably have to ignore that side for the next six months, until I secure the place I want for myself in the world. I know that I can improve on my UMAT scores, because I have already seen proofs of that. If I understand everything and do enough past papers, can't I pull my estimated UAI up to 98? Its a long way to go, maybe at least 97? I wouldn't mind getting into any university (except probably somewhere in Tasmania, or NZ, or Western Australia, or...), as long as I get into Medicine. In fact, I'd be over the moon if I get into UWS. My second choice, right now, is University of Queensland, because their course requirement sounds reasonable too. Of course, I'd faint with excitement if I get into Monash or UNSW, but I won't be disappointed if I don't. My dreams are not that wild yet.
OK! Enough rambling about what might not even happen. Let's see what else Mr Keynes came up with. :S

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