Monday, April 06, 2009


1. I have 45 minutes to write this, but most probably I'd leave in about 10. The end of daylight savings (or is it the beginning?) just shortened my day to about six pm. But it also gave me an extra hour in the morning, which means, I have less of a chance of being late to my morning classes. But then, this is ME.
2. Our internet and phone line is dead.
3. I lost my mobile, most probably in the train.
4. Since my internet, home phone and mobile are all inactive, my mind is wondering in less space. I actually concentrated in Steven's class and answered questions. I also ticked more than one things off my to-do list, which is a miracle.
5. I have 'miracle' written in henna on my hand, in Chinese. Its beautiful. I had to go to three different people to get this done.
6. I think I have a hidden talent in spraying other people's hair with vibrant colours. Details later.
7. My eighteenth birthday, a night of full moon, and good friday, is coming up in four days.

I figured the best I can do right 'now' now, is just give my best into what I am doing and hope and pray for the best. If I try to get something, and I put my effort in it, and I ask God, why wouldnt I get it? a) It's not good for me. b) I'll get the reward for persevering in Jannah.

So if I get it, or I get a), or I get b), it should be enough. So why worry?

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